People achieve more when they are empowered, supported and inspired to do so.

At Kokoro Centre, we combine boutique origins with global best practices to deliver personalized and dynamic Employee Assistance Programs and clinical psychology services. Through our network of qualified psychologists, Kokoro Centre delivers the highest standards of confidential coaching and wellness programs – in supporting businesses within Japan which deliver genuine results in the workplace..

The Bringing Baby Home (BBH) workshop is a research0based and research-tested psychoeducational workshop that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for babies and children by strengthening their families. Developed by renowned relationship and parenting experts, Drs. John and Julie Gottman, the BBH program is perfect for those who are :

  • Interested in having a baby
  • Expecting a baby
  • Already parenting an infant or toddler (age 0-3)

The goal of BBH is to equip you with the knowledge and skill sets needed to constructively cope with the various changes that typically occur during the first three years after your baby is born.

Total Wellness Care Program (TWCP)

Through the TWCP program, the identification of potential issues through our Stress test and several assessments allow for early pro active approach to developing the necessary tools to support people through counselling during times of need.

The TWCP program has been developed by the Kokoro centre and aims to focus on maintaining a balance of work and life through successful management of Stress management, nutrition and exercise within a individual’s life. Through providing initial assessments and individual coaching sessions and support to enable people to strengthen their abilities and enhance their life.


Kokoro Centre offers Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that enables people to confidentially access professional and effective, appropriate and impactful advice and support when they need it. Whether an individual is experiencing a difficult time at home or at work, or simply wants to strengthen their already productive and effective behaviors.

We partner with your organization to combine best practice in traditional psychology with the science of positive psychology through creation of an EAP specifically tailored to support the individual, their immediate family, their work manager and your organization as a whole

Couple Counseling

We provide Couple Counselling and support through clinical psychology with couple and individual sessions. We work confidentially, offering insights to help you work through a range of issues in a way that is right for you and where you are at that moment. Our Counsellors will remain empathic to issues and impartial and accepting of the situation.

One area of specialization is bi cultural couple relationships and providing insights and tools to successfully manage the challenges associated with this type of relationship. To regain the warmth of connection that precedes poor communications by improving communication skills and addressing problems.